Maksorbar – When a few Workers Cyclist gather in the afternoon

‘Maksobar’ is a simple event, where workers cyclists gather to chat and enjoy snacksin the afternoon. Why in the afternoon? Due to these cyclists workers done working activities in the afternoon.

After some conversation in a group (B2W Medan FB Group – red), we decided to meet at a coffee shop. Meeting location is at the coffee shop ‘Journalist’, located next to the Hotel Polonia.

On that afternoon (Friday, October 14), there are seven workers cyclists are present(including me). Afternoon chat theme’s not heavy; still about introductions, future plans,up to the bike path to the office.
The surprise – of 7 cyclists, a native of the city of Medan only 3 cyclists.

The next plan, the event ‘Maksorbar’ will be held regularly. “Maksorbar ‘is not a form of Nite Ride, but it is time to gather, chat, exchange ideas and thoughts.



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