“Jangan Pucet Liat Jakarta Macet !”

Jangan Pucet

“Jangan Pucet Liat Jakarta Macet!” as same meaning with “Don’t Pale, When You SeeTraffic- Jam at Jakarta”. Yes, Jakarta is the most busies city at Indonesia. Well known with the traffic jam at busy hour. North, South, East, West, Center—you name it.

At January 4th, my company sent me to Jakarta for meeting with our costumer. For some staff, when they asked to go to Jakarta, they always bother with the traffic jam–but NOT with me. I think this is my second best birthday gift for this year. I missed how people re-act when dealing with their activities. In this case, on morning every working people always try at best (struggle-red) on the street—manage not-to-get late to office. Different atmosphere, compare to other place that I was stay before (and present).

First night at Jakarta I spend at Tangerang—at Koh Ily’s Place. I already acknowledge his as my big brother, once he is fellow member (Motorcycle) Club when I still lived at Jakarta. He insisted that I must use his bike for my activities while me at Jakarta. So be it, Thursday morning I’ll ride his bike from Tangerang to my Jakarta’s office (Kuningan-red).

Koh Ily, with his bike

It’s Fun; I enjoyed that morning ride, all my memories flashing in my head. My route to office is: Cikupa-Gajah Tunggal-Taman Cibodas-Tangerang-Daan Mogot-Grogol-Gatot Subroto-Kuningan. I’m having great time on the road; it’s been a while since I resign from my previous job at Jakarta.

Meeting 2nd day, I was use public transportation. This because I’ll back to my hometown at the afternoon, so better directly use taxi from Jakarta Office then must go to Cikupa to return the bike and go to airport.
At the time, I’m using shuttle bus from Cikupa to Slipi—cost only 10.000 IDR. Its fast, Cikupa to Slipi only takes 40 minutes. At Slipi I saw this vandalism, and the word is tickling me (“Jangan Pucet Liat Jakarta Macet!”—red).


Slipi’s Traffic

From Slipi, I’m using cab to go to Kuningan, first I want to use TransJakarta, but second thought I’ll use Taxi. Because also since move from Jakarta, I’m rarely using Taxi (except when I’m abroad)

Taxi’s Onboard

Finally Friday afternoon, I must straight away to Soekarno Hatta Airport. I’m using last flight to my lovely town. Farewell Traffic jams; rush hour; and busy street.

In my humble opinion, traffic jam can be so frustrating but also remind me how to life need a struggle. That’s way in some point, I love Jakarta’s traffic jam.

See you soon Jakarta

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