SumateraRide 2010 on Photos (Etape IV: Weh Island)

On 3 February 2010, I finally arrived at the island of Weh. Exactly one month since I first started this journey from the city of Tangerang. The first time I visited this island, pleasure mingled with compassion. Continue reading


SumateraRide 2010 on Photos (Etape III: NS-NAD)

The third stage of sumateraride, starting from the city of Medan and ends in the city of Banda. Having accompanied by local bikers up to the border Binjay, I continue this journey alone. meet new friends, try new foods, and also experience that will not be forgotten. Travel distance 769 km, with a motorbike. Continue reading

Sumatera Ride 2010 (Nostalgia)

At January 2010, after my 27th years birthday. I  have a lil ride-adventure at Sumatera Island, and i’ll named it as SumateraRide. Using my 249 CC Yamaha Scorpio-Z, i start the ride with smoothly from Tangerang. In-case you wondering my 249cc instead 225CC, that because i already swap my cyclinder head using Yamaha XT-250.

“Yamaha Scorpio Z, it’s like Indonesian version Of Yamaha XT-250 with smaler engine-225cc”


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Traveling with Your (Mountain) Bicycle–BikePacking

At the time I was on vacation to several tourist destinations, I always think “How cool if you could take along bicycles. ” In the Lebaran holiday 2010, I could finally realize that dream. I happened to be a holiday in 4 major cities: Jakarta, Bandung and Banjarmasin. And I have to bring my bike because of the special for the city of Banjarmasin, I was invited to play by the club’s cross country mountain bike Banjarmasin. Continue reading