“Jangan Pucet Liat Jakarta Macet !”

Jangan Pucet

“Jangan Pucet Liat Jakarta Macet!” as same meaning with “Don’t Pale, When You SeeTraffic- Jam at Jakarta”. Yes, Jakarta is the most busies city at Indonesia. Well known with the traffic jam at busy hour. North, South, East, West, Center—you name it.

At January 4th, my company sent me to Jakarta for meeting with our costumer. For some staff, when they asked to go to Jakarta, they always bother with the traffic jam–but NOT with me. Continue reading


Happy First Day on The Year 2012

Why we must bother celebrating the New Year’s Eve?  Every New Year’s Eve, many people make preparations to celebrate it. Prepare for party; buy trumpet fireworks and much ridiculous preparation. Last night for example, many people down to street blowing the trumpet. And some idiot burns the fireworks in the middle of street, and police not even care about that.

I not hate the New Year’s Eve. But I just wonder for the people who over-celebrate the night. Last night when other prepares to celebrate, I saw one man with his son crawling in the Street.

First I don’t really pay attention; I’m still busy seeing the twinkling lights on the road side. Few second after, I saw a little boy (maybe 7 years old) accompany his Dad walking at the side-walk. Actually it’s not walking but more to crawl. Night and Rainy is not a good combination to crawl at street, why they not using any public transportation? And the worst is why nobody cares about them? If you can buy a trumpet or fireworks, you should give a help to person who need it.

So, what is the point celebrating something but in the same time we don’t even get a damn care for people who need?


Yes, Happy first day on the year 2012. Hope we can become a better person, and our nation will be a better nation.