Traveling with Your (Mountain) Bicycle–BikePacking

At the time I was on vacation to several tourist destinations, I always think “How cool if you could take along bicycles. ” In the Lebaran holiday 2010, I could finally realize that dream. I happened to be a holiday in 4 major cities: Jakarta, Bandung and Banjarmasin. And I have to bring my bike because of the special for the city of Banjarmasin, I was invited to play by the club’s cross country mountain bike Banjarmasin. Continue reading


Let your Motorcycle/bicycle carrying load–Not You!!!!

When the first time traveling with my motorcycle (2004), I’ve meet a serious problem on carrying a number or stuff. First time, I always carry my stuff using a backpack. Even I’m using special rucksack produce by Lowepro, I’m still suffering a backache. That often happen if I’m travelling trough 300KM, using motorcycle. And I think I will have the same problem, if I use rucksack when I’m travelling with my bicycle also. Continue reading