SumateraRide 2010 on Photos (Etape IV: Weh Island)

On 3 February 2010, I finally arrived at the island of Weh. Exactly one month since I first started this journey from the city of Tangerang. The first time I visited this island, pleasure mingled with compassion. Continue reading


SumateraRide 2010 on Photos (Etape III: NS-NAD)

The third stage of sumateraride, starting from the city of Medan and ends in the city of Banda. Having accompanied by local bikers up to the border Binjay, I continue this journey alone. meet new friends, try new foods, and also experience that will not be forgotten. Travel distance 769 km, with a motorbike. Continue reading

Sumatera Ride 2010 (Nostalgia)

At January 2010, after my 27th years birthday. I  have a lil ride-adventure at Sumatera Island, and i’ll named it as SumateraRide. Using my 249 CC Yamaha Scorpio-Z, i start the ride with smoothly from Tangerang. In-case you wondering my 249cc instead 225CC, that because i already swap my cyclinder head using Yamaha XT-250.

“Yamaha Scorpio Z, it’s like Indonesian version Of Yamaha XT-250 with smaler engine-225cc”


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Mr. Soemitro Usman

Seperti yang pernah saya ceritakan sebelumnya, untuk aktifitas sehari-hari saya sering mengandalkan sebuah sepeda sebagai alat transportasi. Bahkan untuk pergi/pulang kantor, saya juga menggunakan sepeda.

Disaat perjalanan ke kantor, saya sering berpapasan dengan pesepeda lainnya. Kadang mereka lebih ‘ajaib’ dari saya, ada yang sepeda untuk membawa pempek, sayur, bahkan Kursi bambu. Tetapi dari seluruh pesepeda yang sering berpapasan, hanya satu yang paling menarik perhatian saya. Seorang bapak atau mungkin lebih tepat dibilang sebagai “kakek”, dilihat dari raut wajah dan postur tubuh–mirip sekali dengan Opa Akib (opa saya-red). Continue reading

Every Else is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? (hei.. Bukit Sulap)

“Every Else is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?”, sebuah nama Album yang dirilis oleh The Cranberries. Kalimat yang simpel dengan arti bahasa Indonesia-nya yang kira-kira sebagai berikut ini “Kalau orang lain bisa melakukannya, kenapa kita tidak bisa?”.

Kalimat sederhana yang dapat memacu kita untuk lebih berani mencoba segala hal baru. Selama ada manusia yang mampu melakukannya, makan kita pun bisa. Konteks “mencoba” disini saya batasi dalam hal mencoba ha-hal yang baru, dan juga hal-hal yang menurut kebanyakan orang sebagai kegiatan yang ekstrem.

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“Munyuk” (Dahon Easy6) visiting Palembang

Friend of mine says: “1 picture, equal with a tons of words”. enjoy:

Munyuk is Dahon Easy-6 Folding Bike. The Cassette has been upgrading, from 6speed to 9speed. And also for rear derailleur has been upgrade using Shimano-XTR. Even using the small rims, it’s very light when cycling at Up-Hill course.

At first picture, there is a Man who repairing Munyuk. He’s a legend, he could repair whatever type of bike and he also expert on spoke settings. Some local motorcycle racing-team always use him to setting their rim’s spokes before the race.

Last words: “Traveling at Palembang, much enjoyable if u use bicycle. Because u can go where ever u want too.”

PS: Special Thanks to Rifa Ilyasa of Bike to Work.

Met Yunara&Rahma—the couple who travelling around Indonesia using bicycle.

Always fascinated with people who can realize their dreams, and the fact that they’re doing it with all of their limitations. It’s like another slap in the face for us for never realize how lucky we are” (Aisy ‘10)

Yesterday (1/7) I’ve meet Yunara and Rahma; they were husband and wife from Bandung. They are traveling (‘journey’) around Indonesia using bicycle. I just amazed about them, and the one makes me more (and more) amazed that they do it with all their limitations. They have earring problem, or Indonesia people says that as “Tuna Runggu”. Actually they were arrived at Palembang on June 29th, and stay at one Bike2Work Palembang member (‘Amran’). But because my office activities, it’s impossible for me to visit them at Amran House. Continue reading

Ride of Silence at Palembang (June 18th)

Wow, it’s been a while since my last thread. Lately I’m so far away from my MacBook, that because past few days I’m on my field duty.

I’ve write about cyclist who was killed while biking, by negligent truck driver who trying to overtake two other trucks. And for remains the cyclist, Bike2Works community Indonesia conduct a ceremonial to commemorate Him. The Ceremonial called “Ride of Silence”.

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